The Situation

In September 2017, not only one but two category-five hurricanes landed upon Puerto Rico in less than two weeks. As the holiday season neared, recovery efforts had progressed significantly in the tourism sector. Nevertheless, news outlets and social media still amplified a negative sentiment about the island’s condition.

The Insight

After the hurricane Irma, and especially after hurricane María there was an urgent need of communication, that became more pressing as we approached the Holiday season. So our idea: Devised a way to allowed concerned tourists, the Puerto Rican diaspora and the general public on the outside to hear real stories tied to our culture and resiliency. Tell the story in a relatable and relevant way and tie the storytelling to a universally relatable idea: the holiday season.

Solution & Results

Using the alphabet’s range, we created an easy-to-follow format to connect our audience with the island during the holiday season or any season. By showcasing the culture and spirit of PR for 52 days, the conversation centered on the positive and enduring qualities of our people and our island.

The content series became not only the voice of the destination to balance out negative news, but also an instructional piece of content that highlighted the unique cultural equity of the longest holiday season in the world while showing a fully operational destination. We expanded on the storytelling value of social, connecting people to each chapter and developing interests and emotional connections.

Using listening tools we were able to track that a 20% negative sentiment before the initiative, was transformed into a 63% positive sentiment after the effort.

130 hotels reported occupancy rates at or near 100% in the first quarter of 2018, a record-breaking figure. (Source: CNN Money)

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