What it means to run an account that heals you

Working with a Medical Cannabis account as a Content Strategist in the Advertising Industry is a great challenge because, although legalized, it’s still considered a taboo.

As a member of an Advertising agency, you have to start by educating yourself in everything that is related to the industry; Its laws, rules and the right terminology to use when you develop a strategy to communicate the voice of the brand. At the same time, my job is to also know the needs of the consumers, in this case, Medical Cannabis patients.

The Bwell Healing Center account for me fits like a glove; being a patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I treat my condition with Medical Cannabis. I use it to soothe joint pains and to relief myself from my Fibromyalgia. With this, I have the perfect opportunity to work with the brand as the strategist and also as a patient.

When we started to work with the content strategy for Bwell Healing Center we searched for images that everyone would enjoy, patients and non-patients alike. Images that reflected the lifestyle and the journey to wellness of a Medical Cannabis patient where we could integrate the products. With this images our goal was to teach the public about the benefits and uses of the products with a medical, serious, and informative voice while staying modern and friendly. The client approved and the public loved it!

The biggest challenge came once we started to work with the 4/20 Campaign. In the world of Cannabis, this date is extremely important for those who know the history behind it and use it in a recreational way. But our reality is that in Puerto Rico we only have Medical Cannabis legalized, so the recreational Cannabis could not be part of the conversation.

With this in mind, we wanted to work on something that embraced the patients but also made an impact in the community. We thought about creating an event or interview patients individually and so much more, until we hit the sweet spot.

Why not have a group of patients sit around a table and discuss their experiences with Medical Cannabis? From there we took the idea of turning the 420 celebration into a full-on experience where we could educate and broaden the minds of all of those who follow us. We decided to showcase genuine patients that use Medical Cannabis as a treatment for their health conditions.

We prepared a survey which was shared through the social media accounts as well as email drop for all the potential participants. We asked general information as well: Why do you celebrate Medical Cannabis? Out of all the leads we received, we chose the patient’s stories that stood out the most.

Quickly after, we contacted the patients to get to know them on a personal level and brief them on the campaign plans. We filmed without a script, just a few questions to break the ice and help the conversation flow. Each of the patients told their heartfelt stories, from the time they were diagnosed, through the process of getting certified, and how Medical Cannabis helped them feel relieved until today.

The results were bigger and better than we ever imagined. We captured impactful and true stories about the effects of Medical Cannabis in every participating patient’s story. Our hope is that friends and family members can feel identified with their heartwarming story about their conditions.

We worked a Documentary-Style Campaign to show the viewer a variety of elements such as: Landing Page, Video Documentary, Radio and TV Commercial, Email Campaign, Sponsored-Branded Content, Digital Campaign, Social Media Content, Billboards, Product Offers and Others.

As a Medical Cannabis patient I’m excited to know that just like me, people have found a way to alleviate their conditions and want to share their stories in hopes of convincing others to do the same. As a Content Strategist and Copywriter, I’m overjoyed by the positive impact we’ve had on such a prejudiced industry but more so, because this is the first Medical Cannabis campaign in Puerto Rico.

Let’s celebrate a new way of life! A more open way of advertising and new lifestyle for the Medical Cannabis patients! HAPPY 4/20!

Learn More at www.celebra420.com

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